Are Business Plans Useless? My take on it - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 23


I had a small food-poisoning kind of thing last night and today I feel a bit under the weather but I hope it doesn’t affect the podcast and the rest of my day.

If you’re an entrepreneur or if you are looking to start your first venture one of the things that coaches and advisors are telling you is to write a business plan. But do you think a business plan is useful for a startup or a new business? I think a business plan is not really useful. It can be useful only when you’re ready to raise money.

The question then can be “Do you think you’re ready to raise money before you actually test your product or service in the real market?”

I don’t completely dismiss business plans and I give some examples from personal experience for and against business plans usefulness and what you should use instead of a business plan and why.

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