Comedy is difficult, it needs practice and regular stage presence - TasCast Show - Episode 43


I was listening to the James Altucher show podcast episode 325 and his conversation with Godfrey and they were talking about flexing the comedy muscle.

I am not as experience as them in comedy by any means but I have done my fair amount of shows and I am organising a new show in Stirling, UK, while you are listening to this episode, I do have experience in presenting as an entrepreneur, developing simple websites and more similar skills that I like to practice. It is common for everyone to forget to practice the fundamentals of their craft and this can make us rusty.

Being rusty at what you do will increase your fear of failing when you try to do it again and you don’t do any favours to yourself or to the people you’re working with or for. For example, when it comes to comedy, we “work” for our audience, the more we flex our comedy muscle the more likely we are to make sure that our audience has a good time when they come to see us.

I have to remember practising my craft/s as a personal note and I hope you find this a good reminder whether your craft is comedy or anything else that you love doing.

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