Competition skills that are transferable to business - TasCast Show - Episode 47


Last week I spent two days in Edinburgh, mainly for a datathone (a data science competition). We had to come up with a solution for the general category finance for good, backed with data from open data initiatives such as open banking.

Today I explore how the activities taking place during a datathone such as the formation of a new team with people you haven’t met before to the creation and presentation of a new product from scratch in just 24-48 are skills that you can transfer in your work and especially business, startup, side hustle, etc.

Last week’s datathone, like every competition I attend, this too was an amazing experience, but it influenced the organisation of my week, ending up with a messed up schedule and I couldn’t record last week.

I hope you guys enjoy! As always fill your day with love, passion and compassion.