Focusing on one clear goal - How athletes win championships and how we can use the same technique to win in life and business - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 26


In today’s episode I remind the world and myself why I do the daily podcast.

A big shoutout to my friend Niki for starting her blog today morning with the goal of writing a short paragraph every morning. I’m really happy for you! :)

Today I also share with the world something I don’t often talk about. I used to play football (or soccer, depending where you live), and I had a serious injury when I was 14 years old and I couldn’t play professionally or semi-professionally anymore so my dream of being the best goalkeeper in the world one day was shuttered. But I moved on!

The one thing I remember from football though is that we had a clear goal at the beginning of the year, for example, “Win the championship accumulating at-least 70 points by the end of the season”. This clear goal would allow us to understand the competition, who we need to win, how to strategize so we can win, etc.

After answering those questions the team was doing one thing every day and every week for the whole year, at-least 3 hours of training every day and one game a week. This routine can help you have energy daily, being focused daily, knowing where you are going daily. You see the picture. The cherry on top were our coaches of-course, I’ll need to talk about it in another episode though.

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