For Your Startup To Survive And Grow You Need Sales And Productivity - TasCast Show - Episode 46


In today's episode I am answering questions from some of our customers at The Startup Race (TSUR). The two questions I've answered are below. What's different about this episode is that it has 2 YouTube videos that go with it on YouTube, links below.

Questions answered: 

1) Is there a reference that discusses the differences of MVP vs MRP. Although I completely accept that selling something  is the gold standard in market validation, I think you can go too far in focusing solely on revenue and deform your value proposition and other aspects of what needs to be tested.

MVP and MRP ... what is the difference ?

2) Do you think there is a good way to tell if you are spending enough time in the right areas when the team is still small. Between Marketing / Development / Talking with users / Reaching out to people etc.. ?

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