How to start a new business quickly, avoid over-complicating and get to sales - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 14


Today I talk about the farting tradition my brothers and I have every time we meet. I know, we are romanting! I think my brother's pants have a hole from last night farting challange which means I lost! :/

From farting stories and jokes I jump to the main topic of the day where I share my Christmas gift with you guys! I tell you:

'How to start a new business quickly! Avoid over-complicating and get to sales!'

Of-course this is easier said than done but I'm sure you will have a different perspective when it comes to starting straight after you have an idea and how simple it can be after listening to this episode. Remember, you want to fail fast in order to move on to the next one if today's idea is not worth it.

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