Influencing and Motivating People to Help You Achieve Your Goals - TasCast Show - 10 Minutes Segment - Episode 40


Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend at the university who has been running a petition campaign to demand compensation for the lessons she and other international students are missing due to the lecturers’ compensation strike.

She called me, remembering that I have talked with Petros Djakouris last month on my podcast and we mentioned how we motivate people to work with us to help us achieve our goals, listen to the episode here

I’ve noticed some of the mistakes she had made with her campaign and I gave her advice to change two main things on her approach. Listen to today’s episode to learn what advice I gave to her and make sure to note it down for when you want to motivate people to help you for anything you might want to achieve in the future.

As always, have an awesome day full of love, passion and compassion.