Professional Content Creation Needs Consistency - TasCast Show - Episode 38


Had a couple of less than ideal weeks with an illness and 2 accidents, I even ended up to the hospital last Friday. If the beginning of the year is tough the rest will be a breeze, don’t you think?

I finally managed to record this episode and the topic was inspired by a short chat I had with the lady that served me coffee at my meeting location since she asked me about the mic I was using. We talked a bit about YouTube and how from my personal experience and expectations from the people I follow I believe that a content creator needs to be consistent if they want to do it professionally. If you are creating content because you simply love creating content you can take your time, but if you’re looking for a fan-base to support you and help you make an income from your content then you have to figure out how often to post and what kind of quality you want your content to be.

Lastly, I advice young people who are still in school to use their evenings to create content and see if they like it. This could provide you with amazing opportunities for when you leave school.

I hope you enjoy this episode and as always have a day full of love, passion, and compassion.