Shocking!? Are you ready for the new data protection regulations? - TasCast Show - Episode 42


In this episode I am happy to share that I have started daily yoga yesterday and I hope I keep it up.

The most important topic of conversation though is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is coming into effect in May be the EU.

It is not surprising that businesses are not ready for it to be honest as it sounds and looks like too much work for a business owner or entrepreneur to do by themselves just to prepare for the new regulations.

The numbers reflect this. According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FBS) fewer than one in 10 small businesses in Britain are fully prepared for new EU-wide rules on personal data, even though the changes are less than three months away. These findings tally with the European Commission concerns that small businesses across the EU are unaware or “surprised” GDPR is about to come into effect.

In this episode I focus on making sure you here about the GDPR (if you are not aware of it already), and to explain what customer personal data you might have but you might not be aware that you are responsible for their protection.

I am currently trying to find out some “headlines” about the GDPR, talking with a friend who is a professional data scientist and reading into it myself as much as possible because I am planning to talk about it either on Wednesday’s or Friday’s episode of the TasCast Show. My aim is to help you figure out how you can get ready with as little hustle as possible and without spending too much time researching the GDPR right now (although I do suggest you make your own research as well).

Here is the original article by the FT with the data from the FSB research.