Vegans are healthier and skinnier than meat eaters. Two common misconceptions about vegans - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 25


It is very grey here in Stirling guys. I hope it’s sunny and warm at your location right now.

Two common misconceptions about vegans or plant-based eaters is that they are supposed to be healthier and skinnier than meat eaters. A lot of people will often tell me “oh! I didn’t think you’d be a vegan, you don’t look vegan, you look like you eat everything.” I always laugh and tell them that being a vegan doesn’t mean that I eat only salads.

As a vegan I eat a lot of sweets, sugar, carbohydrates like pasta and rice, plant-based cheeses and more. If I want to be healthier and thinner I have to follow a whole-foods plant-based diet which at the moment I can’t follow because I am too lazy and I say to myself that I am “too busy” to work on it but I have found an interesting diet called “Vegan Ketogenic Diet” which I want to try and see the if I feel different, healthier and have more energy.

When I try the vegan ketogenic diet I will let you know and I’ll update you on the podcast about how I find it and its results for me and my body.

That’s what I talk about in today’s episode guys, I hope you can enjoy it.

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