What do you do if you’re competition beats you to the market? - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 22


Did you have fun on new years eve? I hope you did. Personally, I chose to relax, I wasn’t feeling like partying so I just watched the fireworks from home.

In the first episode for 2018 I talk about some of the thoughts that can go through someone's head when the competition beats them to the market. From personal experience I know it makes me feel beaten but I think choosing to move on is the best solution.

Another observation from personal experience is that if I think that my competition is doing exactly what I am planning to do with my product or service or even better then I don’t feel confident about my project anymore. Therefore, I find it difficult to defend my product or service with marketing and that makes sense because unconsciously or even consciously I know that I don’t offer any value that my competition is not already offering.

That’s why launching and failing quickly is something that I suggest on episode 18 of the daily podcast “How to l build and test new projects quickly and cheaply” which I think will help anyone who has had or is having this challenge.

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