Why am I doing so many things at the same time - Don’t I spread myself too much? -TasCast Show Daily - Episode 13


Every time I work daily on a few things at the time such as my podcast, trying to do comedy, study, launching projects, I can't help it but share my excitement about what I do with the world.

When I share it with friends and acquaintances people ask me 'Don't you find it weird doing so many things to help you relax and don't you think you're doing so many things to avoid thinking, etc.' To be honest, when I relax and sleep more I feel more tired and less happy.

Telling stories is what makes me happy and energises me, even if it is through the form of a podcast.

What energises you? Do you prefer sleeping and doing nothing or do you prefer doing something that you're good at and that makes you happy, therefore, more energetic? Let me know with comments or send me a line on Twitter or Facebook @TasCastShow or email me tascastshow@gmail.com

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