Why I think I’ve ruined my reputation, personal and professional relationships during the last couple of years.


When I try to reflect and think why do I have the days that I cannot face the world and I stay in bed for days at the time when I have a breakdown there are a few thoughts that always make their way to the surface of my conscious mind. The thoughts are related to my inconsistency, when I cancel or raincheck meetings and when I am late for meetings I always feel guilty about it. This guilt becomes a huge weight.

I feel like this weight that I feel makes me less and less professional every day and therefore in my head I disappoint people. When I talk to people this is not the case many times in their head but if my own state of mind is not good then I naturally get worse at everything I do and I get more tired both physically and mentally.

If you are butling with similar concerns and thoughts I think this episode will provide you with a nice perspective and make you think. Please share your thoughts with me, you can do it anonymously if you'd like just send me an email at tascastshow@gmail.com

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