You’ve come across a data scientist job but you didn’t realise - TasCast Show - Episode 48


As a new data scientist people often ask me what a data scientist is or does. Many times, if someone has an idea of what a data scientist does they think it’s something alien to them, their world or their job.

As I described in today’s episode during my monologue, you see the results of a data scientist’s job daily. You either come across it on your favourite social media platforms, news ventors (TV, Newspapers, magazines (online or offline), your favourite games, etc. Yes, games, I mention an article in my monologue, you might like to read on the subject, it’s called “What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Data Visualization”.

While you are listening to the episode, you’ve noticed that I am talking about the Hard Dump Comedy Show in Stirling, Scotland. Here is the link to the event’s Eventbrite page so you can purchase your tickets:

Have a day full of love, passion, and compassion.