Shocking!? Are you ready for the new data protection regulations? - TasCast Show - Episode 42


In this episode I am happy to share that I have started daily yoga yesterday and I hope I keep it up.

The most important topic of conversation though is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is coming into effect in May be the EU.

It is not surprising that businesses are not ready for it to be honest as it sounds and looks like too much work for a business owner or entrepreneur to do by themselves just to prepare for the new regulations.

The numbers reflect this. According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FBS) fewer than one in 10 small businesses in Britain are fully prepared for new EU-wide rules on personal data, even though the changes are less than three months away. These findings tally with the European Commission concerns that small businesses across the EU are unaware or “surprised” GDPR is about to come into effect.

In this episode I focus on making sure you here about the GDPR (if you are not aware of it already), and to explain what customer personal data you might have but you might not be aware that you are responsible for their protection.

I am currently trying to find out some “headlines” about the GDPR, talking with a friend who is a professional data scientist and reading into it myself as much as possible because I am planning to talk about it either on Wednesday’s or Friday’s episode of the TasCast Show. My aim is to help you figure out how you can get ready with as little hustle as possible and without spending too much time researching the GDPR right now (although I do suggest you make your own research as well).

Here is the original article by the FT with the data from the FSB research.

Influencing and Motivating People to Help You Achieve Your Goals - TasCast Show - 10 Minutes Segment - Episode 40


Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend at the university who has been running a petition campaign to demand compensation for the lessons she and other international students are missing due to the lecturers’ compensation strike.

She called me, remembering that I have talked with Petros Djakouris last month on my podcast and we mentioned how we motivate people to work with us to help us achieve our goals, listen to the episode here

I’ve noticed some of the mistakes she had made with her campaign and I gave her advice to change two main things on her approach. Listen to today’s episode to learn what advice I gave to her and make sure to note it down for when you want to motivate people to help you for anything you might want to achieve in the future.

As always, have an awesome day full of love, passion and compassion.

5 Data Science Publications Worth Following and Reading - TasCast Show - Ten Minute Segments - Episode 39


If you are a professional in any field you’re probably reading a number of trusted publications to keep up with industry news and to help you keep up with technology and skills.

As a data scientist or analyst you can find a plethora of resources but how do you choose which ones to read constantly and which ones not that often? I was looking into this and a blog post publish by Udacity has a list of 5 publications that I think will be good to check out as a data scientist.

The link to the Udacity blog:

Analytics Dispatch Archive:

Data Elixir:

O’Reilly Data Newsletter:

Data Science Weekly:

Analytics Vidhya:

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Professional Content Creation Needs Consistency - TasCast Show - Episode 38


Had a couple of less than ideal weeks with an illness and 2 accidents, I even ended up to the hospital last Friday. If the beginning of the year is tough the rest will be a breeze, don’t you think?

I finally managed to record this episode and the topic was inspired by a short chat I had with the lady that served me coffee at my meeting location since she asked me about the mic I was using. We talked a bit about YouTube and how from my personal experience and expectations from the people I follow I believe that a content creator needs to be consistent if they want to do it professionally. If you are creating content because you simply love creating content you can take your time, but if you’re looking for a fan-base to support you and help you make an income from your content then you have to figure out how often to post and what kind of quality you want your content to be.

Lastly, I advice young people who are still in school to use their evenings to create content and see if they like it. This could provide you with amazing opportunities for when you leave school.

I hope you enjoy this episode and as always have a day full of love, passion, and compassion.

Deliberately surrounding myself with people that can help me when I face a challenge - TasCast Show - 10 Minutes Segment - Episode 37


In today’s TasCast Show 10 minutes segment I talk about why I like to deliberately seek out people to talk to when I face a challenge. Having the right people to talk to when I face a challenge or when I simply want to improve myself or a skill is crucial to me. I believe it is crucial for every person who wants to be successful in life and business.

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From Europe to China, International Marketing, Building an initiative and Motivation - TasCast Show Special Episode with Petros Djakouris


Petros and I made this conversation happen. It took us some time but we made it. Petros talks about his decision to leave Europe with an economics degree and move to Beijing. How he taught English, how he learned Chinese, how he found it difficult to network and find opportunities as a foreigner and therefore started his own initiative to help himself and people like him to find opportunities and network in Beijing.

How he started working as a marketer for a startup in China. He explains how he keeps productive, his routine, his motivational techniques.

The conversation is funny and interesting, tune in and enjoy.

If you are planning or thinking to move to Beijing and looking for networking and hiring opportunities or simply how to get around in the beginning, Petros is available on LinkedIn and via email.



Stoicism “Learn to say no” - Socrates “Learn from everyone” - TasCast Show - Episode 36


Two quick thoughts this morning.

  1. As stoicism suggests be ruthless to the things that don’t matter. That means if you learn to say “no” to the things that don’t really matter it might hurt some people along the way but it will ultimately make your life easier and happier while freeing time for the things that matter.
  2. As Socrates used to say, if you are a smart person you should be able to learn from everyone.
    1. Smart people learn from everything and everyone,
    2. Average people from their experiences,
    3. Stupid people already have all the answers

As always have a day full of love, passion and compassion

This is a thin fork restaurant - TasCast Show - Episode 35


I’ve been thinking about my first appearance at a comedy club which takes place tomorrow. The ice-breaker will be the thin fork restaurant. What do you guys think?

Stoicism - Control and Choice - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 34


What matters can you control in life? Listen to today’s TasCast show episode for ideas and examples of matters we can or cannot control in life and some ideas of how you can start practicing to understand the control and choices you have.

Can I say clearly to myself which are external matters not under my control, and which have to do with the choices I actually control? This is an important teaching from the Stoic philosophy and I have been trying my best to practice this skill for a few years already but not always successfully.

Good Advice and Bad Advice - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 33


Want to listen to what I have to say about advice? Listen to this short episode of the TasCast Show Daily.

Today I was asked to think of some good advice and some bad advice examples that I received. Needless to say, I had a nice 10 minutes brainstorming session. It made me think and as an entrepreneur I have received and have given both good and bad advice. 

As always have a day full of love, passion and compassion.

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